Sensational Iceland – Waterfalls, Glacier Hike & Auroras
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Sensational Iceland – Waterfalls, Glacier Hike & Auroras

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Additional Information

Departure from



Black sand Beach, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss


Small Group, Winter Only

Why we love this tour

  • Glacier hike on Solheimajokull
  • Black sand beach at Reynisfjara
  • Reynisdrangar peaks and cliffs
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
  • Views of Eyjafjallajökull glacier/volcano*
  • Views of Hekla volcano*
  • Reynisdrangar peaks and cliffs
  • Northern Lights hunting*
  • Gljúfrabúi (The Hidden Waterfall)

Detailed description

This day tour along the south coast that brings you to some of the most precious jewels of Iceland – Two great waterfalls, a fabulous glacier hike and the magic of the northern lights and more.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
You are driven through the scenic countryside to Seljalandsfoss waterfall. A pathway leads behind the falls, from this angle you can feel the full force of the cascade and get a unique photo opportunity – rainwear is recommended! There is a short hike between Seljalandsfoss and Gljúfrabúi, “The hidden waterfall”, where you can go and feast your eyes on this hidden gem. This spectacular waterfall is hidden inside a small gorge and is definitely worth a visit.


Sólheimajökull Glacier
Traveling onwards through stunning scenery you will arrive at Sólheimajökull glacier for a once-in-a-lifetime glacier walk. Your certified glacier guide will issue you with crampons and other glacier equipment. You will even hear the ancient ice cracking when it moves, as you explore you will learn about the glacier, its movement, crevasses, and formation. Next up is the black sand beach at Reynisfjara to see the dramatic basalt columns and cave, the Reynisdrangar cliffs and the basalt rock stacks that rise above the Atlantic waves. An Icelandic legend says these were trolls which were turned into rock when they faced the rising sun. Finally, you will come to the majestic Skógafoss waterfall, a pathway with 527 steps leads up the side of the waterfall, giving a grandstand view of the falls and the rainbows which appear on sunny days. This waterfall is also the location of a famous Icelandic legend. It is said that Þrasi Þórólfsson, the first Viking settler in the area, buried a treasure chest in a cave behind Skógafoss.


Volcanoes–Eyjafjallajökull, Hekla
This is volcano country, on a clear day, you will get views of EyjafjallajökullHekla and even the volcanoes around the Westman Islands, just off the coast. This trip has an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Our guides always welcome your questions! You are dropped off at the City Hall in Reykjavík at around 19:00, really close to the restaurants so you can get something to eat.


Northern lights
We pick you up for your northern lights minibus tour at the City Hall at 21:30. You will be taken to the best places in the countryside to see the aurora. The moment when you spot the first whisper of their glimmering colors is always spellbinding. Green, yellow, white and sometimes blue or purple northern lights are usually seen. Red auroras, from deep red to rose and vivid violet are more common in Iceland than elsewhere in the world, but still quite rare. We can never promise you will see the lights but we do our very best.

The tour returns to Reykjavík around midnight / 01:00 – as always the weather can influence schedules. You are dropped off where we picked you up in the morning.

Meeting Information

  • Pick up: 8:00am
  • Drop off:around midnight / 01:00 AM

New regulations have been implemented regarding the shuttle traffic in the downtown Reykjavik. We have therefore offered 12 pick up points instead of directly picking up guests from accommodations . Please click here for further information.


  • 16 hours

What's included and excluded


  • Pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, guided glacier hike for 1 hour, Volcanoes and Waterfalls tour,Visit to all highlights,Guidance throughout Glacier walk on Sólheimajökull,Certified Glacier Guide,Glacier Hiking Equipment (such as crampons, ice axes and hard hats.) ,Evening Northern Lights Tour,Northern Lights Photos


  • Lunch (We stop at a local restaurant/diner)

What you need to know


  • Minimum age: 8 years
  • Rated level: Suitable for most people in fair condition.
  • Guide to clients ratio 1:19
  • Views of Eyjafjallajökull glacier and Hekla Volcano are subjected to weather conditions.
  • All extra rental equipment should be rented 3 days prior before departure. Please contact us by email : if you would like to book.
  • Ice caving and glacier hiking is refundable in portion if the weather condition isn’t possible for visiting. In return, we will have other itinerary for substitution. Please note that the refund varies with the operator’s decision, IcelandEasy solely acts on behalf of the operator in refunding.


What to bring

  • Warm layers, waterproof jacket and pants, headwear, gloves, scarves, water bottle, snacks and a small backpack is always useful
  • Strong hiking boots are absolutely essential, ice crampons are provided for your glacier walk, it is not possible to fit them to any other kind of footwear. 


Hiking Shoes

Crampons are metal spikes that we attach to the soles of your hiking shoes, these enable you to walk on the glacier ice without slipping. Crampons will be used during glacier hiking, please make sure you have good hiking shoes. We recommend hiking shoes that are thick, sturdy and waterproof.

Please refer to below photos as reference:

gonguskor (1)


What should we wear on our glacier trip in Iceland?

Iceland is known for colorful weather. It can sometimes show you all 4 seasons in one day.
Dressing for this sort of weather can be a challenge so we always recommend to dress in layers. Dress is 3 or 4 upper layers such as a light t-shirt (preferably wool) next to the skin, then a fleece or heavy wool garment, topped off with a waterproof wind-breaker. Jeans are not recommended for our trips as they become very heavy, cold and uncomfortable to wear when they get wet. Lightweight hiking pants, track pants or long cotton pants are best and then wind/waterproof pants over. We also recommend using sunglasses and sunscreen even if it is cloudy due to the high UV and sunlight reflection off of the glacier.
You will need sturdy hiking boots that fit crampons for the glacier hiking tours. If you do not own a pair then we rent out good hiking boots as well as a waterproof raincoat and trousers.

What if the northern lights tour goes ahead and no northern lights are seen?

A refund is not available if the northern lights tour goes ahead and no northern lights are seen but we do offer you the chance to join a Northern Lights Minibus tour free of charge.

What are my options if my Northern Lights tour gets cancelled?

When Northern Lights tours are canceled it’s usually due to unfavorable weather conditions.

In that case, your options will be to:

1. Reschedule for another day.

2. Find another tour to do and use the deposit for it.

3. Get partial refunded.

How do I know if the Northern Lights tour is on for the evening?

Like you might have heard, the northern lights are a pretty difficult thing to predict. You can check to see the forecast and if the level is high and the skies are clear then it’s very likely that the tour is going. We do update our website’s tour departure sheet with the information at 17:00 the latest. If the tour is canceled, you will receive an email from us.

If we think there is no chance at all of seeing the lights we will cancel the tour. We don’t want to bring you out and disappoint if there is no chance to see the lights.

Will I definitely see Northern Lights on the tour?

The Northern Lights are natural phenomena and we unfortunately cannot promise you will see them. Their appearance depends upon atmospheric and weather conditions.

Do I need to bring a lunch with me on the glacier tours?

We do not provide lunch on any of our trips, so we recommend you bring your own lunch (for the longer trips), snacks and a bottle of water (you can refill it on the trip).


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