About Us

Our Mission

IcelandEasy is a brand under Travelairy Limited. Travelairy Limited company is a licensed travel agency in Hong Kong, license no. 354053, established in 2015.

IcelandEasy.com is created by a team of enthusiastic world travellers. We have been searching and experiencing Iceland to find you top experiences, the best travel deals and the most exciting tours.

We are dedicated travellers who turned our hobbies into jobs, and because of this, we have the expertise to find you the best deals available. Started by 2 enthusiastic travellers from The Netherlands and Hong Kong, who have traveled over 50 countries and over 200 cities, Now evolving into a fully licensed Hong Kong based travel agency with a growing team of passionate travellers with rich knowledge of the European and Asian culture and market, linking global travellers from west to east.

We strongly believe that travel should be responsible, sustainable and ethical, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. To provide the best platform available for both suppliers and customers we have teamed up with the best available suppliers to try to provide the best service possible to you.

Because we know travellers always look for the best deal, we have already done so for you, so you don’t have to! We are proud to be able to offer you the best prices on all of the amazing experiences we offer, so you can save yourself the time to look for a better deal and start packing for your trip sooner.

Our Journey

50+ countires

320+ cities

8+ years on the road

Our Amazing Team